Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken

Happy Halloween!

Probably one of my favorite meals is a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken aka Mema Chicken. Growing up my Mema always made a perfect chicken, I could eat it all day everyday. I’ve always wanted to learn how to roast a chicken but the thought of it always stressed me out until an Instant Pot came into my life. Hand’s down it was the best wedding gift I received. In the next few weeks I’ll probably start an Instant Pot series because I love this little baby.

A rotisserie chicken in my Instant Potis the easiest thing and it is a lot cheaper and healthier than buying the already made ones in the grocery store. I’m not a huge meal prep person but I try to always have a rotisserie chicken in my fridge for quick lunches or a snack before the gym. An uncooked whole chicken is around $5 for 4lbs while the already cooked one is $7 and so much smaller. You can find the recipe I used here.

A few tips

Load up on seasoning! A few of my favorites are garlic, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, salt, pepper, paprika and Tony’s. You want your chicken to be flavorful
Rub the bird down with ghee. It works better with the high heat of the instant pot and gives it that buttery flavor
Make sure to have a good pair of tongs and a helper because flipping the chicken is not very easy
If you like your skin on the cripser side, you can always broil it for a few minutes. Just be careful and not broil it for too long to keep the moisture

You can see that the back of the chicken split because the chicken cooks under such high pressure. The meat literally falls off the bone.

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Xo, Heather


Apple Cider Doughnuts

Now that Fall weather finally decided to come to Houston it’s time to share some delicious doughnuts.

Searching Pinterest is probably one of my favorite things to do. I can be inspired by food, fashion, home decor and travel. Food is aways the easiest and least expensive out of the bunch. During my fall recipe Pinterest search I found apple cider doughnuts which made my mouth water the second I saw the pictures. At first it seemed intimidating to fry doughnuts as I’ve only ever baked them but I said why not.

Y’all frying doughnuts is a game changer! They get so much fluffier and have so much more flavor. It was a lot simpler to fry the doughnuts just make sure you have a candy thermometer so your oil is at the optimal temperature (around 325). When you fry them, it is a lot easier to do it in batches of 4. You don’t want them to be overcrowded. Once both sides are light brown, they are done!

After you pull them out, place them on a paper towel liner plate to absorb the excess oil. I finished mine with granulated sugar and a little bit of cinnamon. The recipe I found called for a glaze but I ran out of powdered sugar with my attempt at black and white cookies.

Brandon had a few doughnuts but begged me to bring the rest to work. Every single doughnut was gone before 12 on Monday.

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Xo, Heather

Pesto Chicken Caprese

Happy Tuesday!  I’m finally back into the swing of things after a weekend out in West Texas. Brandon and I had so much fun in Lubbock minus a terrible Texas Tech loss. At least there was a winery near by to take out the sting of a loss. We had so much fun living the west Texas life and the weather could not have been better.

After a weekend away, I like to get back on track with eating healthier but I have to slowly ease into it because cold turkey doesn’t work well for me. Anytime we go to the grocery store (HEB) we pick up these already marinated chicken breasts. They are $4 and we toss them in our freezer to save until there is a night when we are just not in the mood to cook. We either eat them as they are with a spinach salad as a side or I dress them up a bit.

My dressed up version includes fresh mozzarella (my fave), a little bit of sauce and a drizzle of Balsamic glaze. It’s so easy and makes me feel like I’m having a fancier meal.

A few tips

You can pair this with a spinach salad or pasta
If your grocery store doesn’t offer already marinated pesto chicken, you can easily create the marinate at home. Place two chicken breasts in a large ziploc bag, then add olive oil, basil (either fresh or dried), and garlic. Let it marinate for a few hours then bake at 375 for 18-20 minutes

This week we are going to enjoy three Blue Apron meals. I plan on sharing more about it next week so be on the look out for that.

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Xo, Heather

Easy Weeknight Dinner – Chicken Wings

Sometimes our week gets crazy busy and we need a quick yet healthy dinner. Brandon and I never turn to fast food on those nights but we will go to our local Whole Foods to pick up dinner. It could either be their hot bar, sushi, shrimp cocktail (my favorite) or chicken wings from the meat counter. For $4/lb we can purchase perfectly marinated buffalo chicken wings. Once we get home, we bake them at 415 for about 30 minutes and voila dinner is served. We love that the wings are so flavorful and we don’t

miss them being battered and fried.

A few tips

Buy more than you think you need. We used to buy 1.5lbs but that only gave us 7 wings each. Last night I bought 2lbs and we had about 10 each. They taste so good you will want more
I’m a ranch girl when it comes to wings so I put some in a small bowl so I can dip but you can use whichever sauce is your favorite
Broil the wings on high for a few minutes before you serve, it helps to crisp the skin

I’m going to start on Thursday’s post tomorrow, is there anything in particular you want me to share? I can share a sweet, a savory, or a fall cocktail. Let me know in the comments!

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Xo, Heather

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

Growing up pizza was a staple in our house. We had our favorite pizza place on Long Island (Gino’s in Ronkonkoma. . . yes that is the name of the town I grew up in) and then when we moved to Plano it took us years to find a pizza place that reminded us of home. During the dark years when we couldn’t find a pizza place my mom got really good at making homemade pizza. My family would have pizza every Friday night during Lent since we are Catholic and you abstain from meat every Friday during that time.

I’ve tried making homemade pizza a few times but it never turned out right. The crust would be too hard but the middle would be too soft. It just never came out right until I found a pizza recipe that is cooked in a cast iron skillet. It is a serious GAME CHANGER. Whenever I make it, I pick up dough from Trader Joe’s but you can go to your local pizza place and they usually sell raw dough. Brandon and I pick out the usual suspect of toppings; good mozzarella, sauce, prosciutto or some other type of meat. We don’t get too creative because why change a good thing?

A few tips:

Make sure your cast iron skillet is properly seasoned so your pizza slides out easily
Once you start seeing the dough bubble, it’s time to put your toppings on
Have a few oven mitts handy, as the cast iron skillet gets extremely hot in a 500 degree oven
Have a large appetite as the pizza is very filling and tastes so good that you don’t want to stop eating it.

  You can find the recipe I used here.

Now after seeing these pictures, I might have to make this pizza again over the weekend. At least the Sunday morning spin class will help balance it out right? At least that is what I’m going to tell myself.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!

Xo, Heather