French Dip Sandwiches on a Pretzel Bun

On Sunday I decided to treat the guys (Brandon and his two friends) to a yummy lunch while they sprawled out on the couch watching endless hours of football. I’ll be honest, the chuck roast for the French dip was SUPER easy to make in my instant Pot. . .the pretzel buns were not as easy. It was my first time to ever make pretzel buns so that’s to be expected. The only other time I’ve made bread was a no-knead bread last December which was insanely easy. If making pretzel bread isn’t your jam, Trader Joe’s sells them, or you can check your local grocery store. I love the extra bit of saltiness that the pretzel bread brings.

A few tips:
Get a chuck roast that has some really good marbling
2.5lbs should be more than enough
I used about 2 cups of red wine because why not?
No need to pick up a fancy bottle of wine, I used Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck
Make sure to read the pretzel bun recipe a few times through before you actually start the process. I’m constantly guilty of jumping in.

New Zealand Grass Fed Cheddar from Trader Joe’s
Horseradish aioli (you can find the recipe here)

They guys devoured two sandwiches each so I would say that is a win!

You can find the recipe to the French Dip Sandwiches here and the pretzel bun recipe here.

P.S. I promise these French Dip Sandwiches taste better than this picture.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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