Bulletproof Coffee

Happy Monday! This post is going to be short and sweet but I wanted to share with you how I started my morning off.

If you didn’t know, I LOVE a good cup of coffee in the morning but lately it hasn’t done much for me. I’m still sleepy, I don’t feel as focused and that jolt of energy is gone. This morning I made myself Bulletproof coffee and a few sips in I noticed a shift in my mood and energy level.

What goes into Bulletproof Coffee

Black coffee (I used a K-cup from Trader Joe’s)
1 tsp coconut oil (I love Trader Joe’s Virgin Coconut Oil)
1 tbsp Kerrygold grass fed Butter (The butter has to be grass fed in order to receive the benefits)

Sprinkle of cinnamon
Couple of drops of liquid Stevia (If you want some sweetness)
Tiny pinch of pink sea salt

Blend it all together using an immersion blender or a regular blender should work as well. Once mine was blended I had a nice creamy layer on top.

My bulletproof coffee tasted like a very rich and creamy latte. Before i drank it my eyes were barely open as I tried to put on makeup. A couple of sips later and I was wide awake and so focused which is probably why I got a quick blog post in.

If you have yet to try or wonder how bulletproof coffee can change up your morning routine, you can read this article from Women’s Health Magazine.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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