Hey Y’all! Happy Wednesday!

After a lot of thinking, talking, creating lists of what I want out of this blog I’ve decided to shift gears and move away from lifestyle/beauty/fashion blogging and start sharing something I’m more passionate about.

I'm about to step back into safety because I'm not growing. Let's be honest:

Honest moment here, I love beauty/fashion and all it encompasses but it’s not what I’m spending my downtime doing. I’m not searching YouTube for the newest and greatest ways to contour, I just do what works for my face. Once I find something I stick with it and the last few weeks I’ve had a hard time finding valuable content to share with you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably still share beauty related things on my Instagram (@hmbtx) but it’s not enough to blog about every week.

My lists taught me that I spend A LOT of downtime searching for recipes to cook for myself, Brandon, friends, family and coworkers. I get such a joy when I bring treats into work and my coworkers tell me I’m evil for bringing in brownies. During my lunch breaks, I’m on Pinterest looking for recipes to make my own pasta, bread, or a healthy chicken dish (#balance). I’m not looking for the how to guide on a smokey eye.  . .is that still even a thing?? Yes, I asked for beauty items for Christmas because I am who I am but my passion is food.

The last two weeks I’ve made a new recipe almost every night and not once have I regretted the length of time I’ve spent in the kitchen or the constant mess that I have to clean up. I’m fulfilled when my meal tastes so delicious that Brandon says he wants seconds 5 bites in.

Be prepared for a much better New York Roots to Southern Boots and more content on a regular basis!

Thank you for much for following New York Roots to Southern Boots during the journey! Y’all have kept me going and I only want to give you more.

Print out quotes on velum paper and wrap around a candle holder from the Dollar Store for graduation party. Graduation Quotes.:

Xo, Heather


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. It is so important to do what we’re passionate about! That’s the thing that’s great about the fact that this is your blog. It’s YOUR blog, so you can change it up when you feel the need! Excited to see the new direction you’re headed in! ❤️

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