Friday Five



Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet Nicole Curtis, from Rehab Addict at my local World Market. She was super sweet and as tiny as can be.



A week after seeing Adele perform, I’m still listening to her daily on Spotify. If you get the chance to see her perform, I would jump at the opportunity. She was amazing and so funny or cheeky as the Brits would say.



A few weekends ago we went to Wurstfest for the first time in New Braunfuls. It was so much fun, except for the extra long drink lines and almost 90 degree day in November.


Image result for the crown

I finished The Crown on Sunday and I couldn’t recommend it more. After watching it, I went on a deep research binge to learn as much as I can about the Queen.


Image result for i said yes to the dress

On Saturday, I said YES to the dress!!!! May 7, 2017 can’t come soon enough!

Over the weekend we plan on knocking out a few small house projects and mainly get caught up before Thanksgiving. What are your plans this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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