NY Roots Travel – 1 Day in Epcot

Happy Monday y’all! I hope the time change didn’t kick your butt too much. I love when we “fall back” because I love the extra sleep after going out of town over the weekend.


Two weeks ago, we met my best friend and her husband for a getaway to Florida. We spent Saturday at Epcot and then we drove to Sarasota on Sunday where we stayed until Tuesday afternoon. After spending the day in Epcot, I wanted to share a few tips with you.

Things to Do:

Try to go to Epcot during the week instead of Saturday. Everywhere we turned there was a line. There was a line to get drinks, there was a line to get food, and there was a line to go to the restroom every.single.time.

Buy your tickets in advance either going online or using their app. It makes it so much easier.

Sign up for your FastPass rides 30 days in advance. We used FastPass for Soarin’ which I highly recommend.

Wear a drinking inspired shirt. Some of my favorites said:
Conquoring the World One Drink at a Time
Drink, Drank, Drunk Around the World
Wearin’ Ears and Drinkin’ Beers
You can find some of the shirts on Pinterest here


Stay until the end of the fireworks show, they are breathtaking, but be ready to hustle out of the bar if you are taking a shuttle back to a Disney Resort (which is free if you are staying at a Disney Resort)

Try on a different hat from each country



 We had the best weather imaginable with the best people to drink around the world with. Next time we might need an extra day or two!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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