Beauty Haul – Lush Cosmetics

Happy Beauty Haul Day!!

Today I’m sharing my love for my favorite hair mask from Lush Cosmetics. I stopped by Lush a few weeks ago to pick up a few new skincare goodies and while I was there I asked them what can I do about my dry scalp. The girl asked me a few questions about my hair, I told her it is dry and I want to make it softer after years of heat damage. She suggested I try their hask mask called Roots.


I’ve used drug store hair masks before but I never noticed a difference at all. The Roots hair mask from Lush is a GAME CHANGER! It is more expensive than the drug store brands but it works so much better and I instantly noticed a difference.

Normally you put a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment on while you are in the shower, but with Roots you put it on when your hair is still dry. First you start by massaging it into your scalp, as you do so you will start to smell peppermint which is heavenly. After my scalp is covered, then I move down the rest of my hair. Once my hair is covered, I just put my hair in a bun and wait. The website says to shampoo your hair after 15-20 minutes, I waited almost 45 minutes.

The second all of the product left my hair in the shower I could tell how clean my hair felt. The true test was when I blow dried it and I can honestly say, my hair dried in no time and had so much more natural volume.

I try to use the mask every other week but I’ll use it tonight since I finally got my hair done over the weekend to give my hair extra love after coloring it.

What are some of your favorite hair treatments? If you haven’t tried this one, I highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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