Wanderlust: (n.) A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.:
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I’m not entirely sure when I was bitten by the wanderlust bug but at times it consumes me. I image the days when I can travel more often than I do to places I have yet to see but dream about.

I’m fortunate to have Brandon who loves to travel and a group of girlfriends who believe in a yearly girls’ trip to get away from our everyday lives.

I have a Pinterest board full of all of the places I would love to go someday. Hopefully Europe for my 40th which is YEARS away but if I start planning and saving now, it could be a very memorable trip.

Here are a few of the places I would love to see. . .

Shangri-La Hotel...Paris - what better hotel to choose than the one with a beautiful Eiffel tower view!:
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Paris – of course

The Bridge of Sighs | Venice, Italy:
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Venice, Italy

Haiku Stairs is also called the Stairway to Heaven, and many say is worth the 3,922 steps it takes to get to the top. The view is said to be quite heavenly.:
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Any part of Hawaii

Bali, Indonesia:
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The London Eye and Big Ben, London, UK:
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Amsterdam With Tulips stay in our worldwide collection of B&B's here: www.1bb.com:
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So needless to say, I need to win the lottery, or up my savings plan by 100%. One of these days I will see all of these places and then some!

I hope your Monday wasn’t too rough and your week goes by quickly.

Where are some places you want to wanderlust to? I would love to know.

Xo, Heather


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