NY Roots Travel: Louisiana

Happy Tuesday! There won’t be a 21 Day Fix recap this week but there will be one on Monday! Last week’s traveling to Louisiana made following the 21 Day Fix program a lot harder. However, I did try to get in as many greens as possible while staying away from extra carbs. . . minus the egg white mcmuffin I got from McDonald’s which I will NEVER get again.

Last week I had the opportunity with my company to travel to Louisiana to help those affected by the recent flooding. As a group we worked so hard to help others, it was such a rewarding, humbling and amazing experience that I hope I can do again soon. As I was filling totes with cleaning supplies in a hot warehouse on an even hotter day I kept thinking I can’t wait to take a shower and relax but I quickly reminded myself that there are others who are unable to have that luxury right now so I kept on working. One of the best parts of my experience was meeting some New York firefighters who are part of a disaster relief program. It felt like I had a little bit of home with me all the way in Louisiana.

We were so fortunate to stay at the Houmas House (also known as Burnside Plantation) in Darrow, LA which is south of Baton Rouge. The Houmas House used to be a sugar cane plantation in 1803 but now you can stay in the cottages on the property and go on a tour of grounds and main house. We weren’t able to go on a tour but on our way to dinner we were able to walk around. The property is BEAUTIFUL! It is so lush with all of the greenery. I could have spent hours just walking around but we had a dinner reservation to get to.


Now I just need to convince Brandon to take me back here so we can do the tour and take in more of this beautiful scenery!

Louisiana still needs our help, you can donate goods through Amazon which will ship directly to the warehouse where I volunteered or you can donate through the Red Cross website.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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