21 Day Fix

Happy Monday y’all! A new week starts again as well as a lifestyle change for me.

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I’ve tried 21 Day Fix before and I use “tried” very loosely. I did well with the workouts since they were 30 minutes and effective but I didn’t follow the meal plan at all really. I thought it was too hard so I just didn’t try and because of that I didn’t get ANYWHERE near my goal. So after weeks of flip flopping between other weight loss ideas I decided to just bite the bullet and really dive into this program. What do I honestly have to lose besides pizza, donuts and tacos?? Not much besides a couple of pounds.

Today is the first day and I’m pretty proud of myself for not only packing my lunch but also packing my two snacks and breakfast last night. All I had to do was grab my lunch bag this morning and be on my way. Here is what I brought today:

Meal 1 – Shakeology with unsweetened almond milk
Meal 2 (Snack) – Greek yogurt with dried blueberries and raw almonds (12)
Meal 3 – Spicy California Roll (crab meat, rice and seaweed)
Meal 4 (Snack) – Half of a green smoothie
Meal 5 – TBD I have a few things I can put together for dinner

Workout – Total Body Cardio Fix

I’m not going to post about my 21 Day Fix journey everyday but I will every Monday for motivation to keep me accountable for the next 21 Days.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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