Beauty Haul – Pale Pink Nude Lips

YAY! Beauty Haul is back! I have missed this series so much I’m ready to jump back in.

What makes this post even more exciting is that this is New York Roots to Southern Boots’ 100th blog post. 100!

A few weeks ago on my Instagram (@HMBTX) I shared my favorite pale pink nude lip combo. I love a good drugstore lipstick since I don’t wear lipstick everyday I don’t see the need in breaking the bank. Yes, I love a good MAC lipstick but I save that for more of the specialty items like a really good red.


I love the Maybelline Vivid Matte formula, it’s pigmented really well and goes on easily. After I apply the vivid matte lipstick, (Color – Nude Thrill) I layer it with a really pale pink lip gloss. Currently, I’m using an old LipFusion lip gloss but anything light will be perfect. I’m not sure how long the lipstick would last if I didn’t layer it with gloss but it would be pretty on it’s own.

In the past, I tried more of a nude/beige lipstick with the same beige lip gloss over it and it did not work for my skin tone AT ALL! It made me look dead so I added some pink to liven me up.

What is your favorite lip combo? Do you line your lips with a liner? I don’t mainly because I haven’t mastered that trick.

Thank you all so much for following New York Roots to Southern Boots over the last 100 posts!

Xo, Heather 


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