Florida Room Inspiration

I was recently inspired by Douglas Elliman to create my dream Florida Room. Unfortunately in Houston a Florida room is not an option with the extreme heat from May until October, but a girl can dream right??

After visiting the Raleigh Hotel in Miami on a recent girls’ trip, I knew exactly how I would want my Florida room to look.  I want it to be inviting, chic, relaxing and a place Brandon and I could enjoy all year.


Photos of The Raleigh Miami Beach, Miami Beach - Hotel Images - TripAdvisor: Image via

There is just something about mixing classic black and white with natural greenery and light wood that makes me want to sit around a little bit longer.



A Florida Room needs a place where you can sit and read in the morning while you  enjoy a cup of coffee or also a place to just relax after a long day at work. What is great about this set is that you can move it around or separate the set between indoors and outdoors. The neutral colors will easily tie in with my dream black and white bistro chairs.

Entertaining Space

Bar Cart

With any entertaining space, a bar cart is a must. I love this one because it would be easy to switch out from a bar cart to extra shelving to store a pretty little plant, bar glasses and a fun cocktail cookbook or two.




I love this table because it pairs nicely with the chairs and the woods compliment eachother rather than fight. Bonus, this table is under $280 which is pretty good considering most patio furniture breaks the bank.

I wanted a table that can fit enough people for a dinner party, but also wouldn’t feel too large when it’s just Brandon and I enjoying dinner or an early morning breakfast in our Florida Room.


Outdoor Rug

I love a simple black and white rug to help define the dining space and it also tie everything else together. Black and white is so easy because you can add anything to it for an upgrade, either it be touches of pale pink or soft gold.

Lumbar Pillow

These lumbar pillows would be perfect to place in the back of the black and white bistro chairs.

Finishing Touches

Garden Stool

A garden stool is perfect option for an end table for your drink or to place a pretty green plant in the corner.


I’m obsessed with this candle lantern! I love the texture it brings to the room while also being classic. I would add these to the table in three different sizes to add dimension to the space.

Flamingo Print

In true Florida fashion there should be a flamingo somewhere in the room. I love this print since it’s whimsical and classic all at the same time.

I had so much fun day dreaming and planning what my Florida Room would look like. If you could design your own Florida Room, how would you want it to look? Would you want it to be more beachy, whimsical or classic? I would love to know! If you are looking for further inspiration, check out some Florida real estate for ideas.

Jordan, thank you so much for allowing me to share some of my design ideas.

Xo, Heather


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