Friday Five


The Bachelorette ended on Monday but I didn’t get a chance to write a post but if you were wondering who JoJo picked, I’ll tell you. She picked Jordan which was pretty obvious when she had a meltdown when her parents tried to tell her Robby would be a better choice. C’est la vie! Good luck Jordan and JoJo!


There will be a full post about this next week but I wanted to share a little teaser with you. On Tuesday night we went to Underbelly to celebrate our friend, Eric’s birthday. Phenomenal doesn’t even do justice.


Houston Restaurant week started on Monday and we already have our two dinners and one brunch planned out. Be ready for more Southern Eats posts in the next few weeks. Not to get too food heavy, but Brandon and I are meeting with a caterer on Sunday.


Brandon and I are still training for our 10k this fall and to be honest training in the summer is brutal. On the weekends I have to wake up super early because starting at 9am was miserable last week. During the week I have to run after 8pm which throws off my night plans with dinner and hanging out with Brandon. The heat will eventually subside, but as long as I do more miles this week as I did last week I’ll still consider it a victory.

If you have any running shoe recommendations I would love to hear them, you can either tweet me (@BalsamoHeather) or comment below. I have a pair of Ascis that I like but they are old and after a while they feel like weights. Last night I ran in my Nike Free’s; I loved how light and flexible they are but when I came home I found a few blisters.


Ya’ll I can’t contain my excitement with the Summer Olympics starting TOMORROW!! At work we are supposed to wear some USA gear and when I saw this shirt at Target I knew it had to be mine.

What are your plans this weekend? I plan on knocking out most of next week’s posts, getting a few house projects done and meeting a caterer.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Xo, Heather


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