Southern Boots Eats – Cane Rosso


Last week for Brandon’s birthday dinner we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Cane Rosso that recently opened a new location in the Heights. Cane Rosso┬áserves authentic wood fire Neapolitan pizzas in Texas. They are doing something right because they were named ‘The Best Pizza in Dallas’ 5 years in a row! 5 years! Brandon and I went to Cane Rosso in Dallas for our first Valentine’s Day and ever since then we have been waiting for them to open up in Houston.

Brandon ordered the Elena which isn’t on the regular menu. When Brandon placed his order the waiter said that’s his favorite pizza. His pizza had homemade mozzarella, brisket, pepperoni and jalapeno pesto. The jalapeno pesto was AMAZING! I ordered the Bianca, which is a white pizza with buffalo mozzarella. It was delicious!


If you want to try Cane Rosso and are a group larger than 6, I would recommened making a reservation on OpenTable because the wait can be super long with the recent grand opening.

After we stuffed ourselves full with pizza, we walked across the street to Fat Cat Creamery for some ice cream because that makes sense on the wedding diet. I wasn’t able to get any photos of our ice cream in fear of it melting all over the place. Fat Cat Creamery specializes in small batch ice cream made with local ingredients. I had the white chocolate ice cream and the birthday boy ordered the milk chocolate stout in a waffle cone. It was the best sweet treat on a hot night.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I didn’t make you too hungry.

Xo, Heather



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