The Bachelorette – Episode 9 Recap


Last week we left off at the Rose Ceremony and everyone in America holding their breath to see if Luke was going home. Well unfortunately JoJo gave the final rose to Chase. When she had to say goodbye to look she was looking for comfort from him instead of the other way around. A lot of people have said it and I have to agree if she was going to send him home, why didn’t she do it when he pulled her aside instead of making him go back in with hope that he was getting a rose????

After the Rose Ceremony I stopped giving it my full attention (I worked on this post if you wanted to catch up on my recent travels) because I knew Chase would go home and it would be Robby and Jordan as the final two.


The first date in Thailand was with Robby, JoJo seemed very excited to see him and I was excited to see his outfit was pretty normal. They explored Thailand, got a pedicure and waited out a thunderstorm. They took Chris Harrison up on the Fantasy Suite. Is it me or does Robby come off as creepy???


The second date went to Jordan and his hair was holding up nicely in the humidty. They went on a hike (how did she look so cute with all of the humidity??) and toured a Temple. They enjoyed the Fantasy Suite as well.


The third date went to Chase. It seemed like they had a really good time on their date and Chase has FINALLY come out of his shell. She offered the Fantasy Suite card to him but after they got in to the room, Chase poured his heart out. JoJo needed a minute to take it all in and when she walked back in she sent him home. Her timing is AWFUL! If this was already on her heart, why did she offer the Fantasy Suite card to him?? Chase stood up for himself and let her know how crappy her timing is. Yay Chase!


Since JoJo sent Chase home on their date, there wasn’t an actual Rose Ceremony but Chase showed up to apologize to JoJo.

Womp, Womp it’s Robby and Jordan as the final two. I don’t know how JoJo can possibly have these two at the end with all of the trust issues she was brought up THROUGHOUT the season! You can’t start a relationship with ex-gf trust issues. It will never be a successful relationship. After watching the previews for next week she seems so unsure of who to chose.

I’m not going to do a recap of the Men Tell All because it was pretty boring with the hour they discussed Chad. The most telling thing to me is, when Chris Harrison asked JoJo if she was happy with her choice she said yes but there was no excitement behind it. She didn’t mention ANYTHING about being in love. Ben at least said, I would marry that girl tomorrow at the Women Tell All.

Maybe JoJo doesn’t pick either of those fools or maybe she does chose one but there is already trouble in paradise? Who do you think she will end up with??

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for a new post!

Xo, Heather 


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