NY Roots Travel: Fredericksburg, TX

Over the weekend we headed out to Fredericksburg, TX (Wine Country) to celebrate Brandon’s 29th birthday. I love, love, love this part of Texas. The views are breathtaking, there is barley any humidity and there is a winery at every corner.


Grape Creek Vineyards is a staple winery along 290 and we always stop here anytime we are in town. Not only is the wine amazing (their cab is my fav!), it feels like you were transported to Tuscany with the views, the architecture, and the pizza. Wine and pizza might be the best combo of all times. If you have the chance, stop here!


Before our trip I knew I wanted to check out Fat Ass Ranch & Winery. One of my girlfriends went there a few weeks ago and it looked like a lot of fun. If it wasn’t 147 degrees outside, I would have loved to play a round of horseshoes while drinking a glass of frozen sangria. Instead, I had to go inside and partake in a wine tasting. #thestruggle For $10 we were able to taste 6 different wines ranging from a dry merlot to prickly pear wine that’s infused with jalapenos. Fat Ass Ranch & Winery is the perfect stop if you are with a group of your friends.


We stopped at Perdernales Cellars for the breathtaking views, plus I was able to get a picture with the birthday boy. Perdernales Cellars had one of the most unique shops for a wine lover. They had everything including baby clothes. Normally, I’m not a fan of white wine but I really loved theirs. It was crisp and refreshing which is a must on a hot Texas day.


This view gives me all the feels! Compass Rose Cellars was the last stop of the day and it was by far the most beautiful location. Brandon had the opportunity to not only learn a lot about the wine but also the future plans for Compass Rose.because the owner facilitated the wine tasting. I didn’t participate in this wine tasting (DD duties) but Brandon loved it. The views alone make this a must on our next trip to Fredericksburg.


Even though Albert’s Dance Hall is not a winery it was a really cool stop on our tour of the Hill Country. Albert’s Dance Hall has a local feel to it. On the weekends they have a food truck and live music. It’s a good place to stop and get a drink before heading to the next place.

Even though we left a lot later than we planned, I enjoyed spending a few extra hours exploring wine country and making memories with the future hubs.

If you have been to Fredericksburg, which winery is your favorite to go to?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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