Friday Five



Last night Brandon and I went to Cane Rosso in the Heights for an early birthday dinner. We have waited YEARS for Cane Rosso to open in Houston after we are at the Dallas location on our first Valentine’s Day. The style of pizza they serve is Neapolitan, so the crust is crunchy and the middle is on the softer side. On Monday I’m going to share a full recap for you.



I catch up on a lot of reading during the summer, maybe it’s the hours spent by the pool or the road trips. Yesterday at Target I picked up The Girl on the Train. I can’t wait to start it after I finish “I Said Yes!” by Emily Maynard.



The other day on Instagram (@HMBTX) I shared my new favorite pinky nude lip combo.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid – Nude Thrill
I couldn’t find a link for my lipgloss since it’s old but anything pale would look pretty over the liquid matte.


 On Tuesday I ran/walked 3 miles in what felt like 115 degrees but at least I did it. Next week I think I have to get in 15 miles, not sure how that’s going to happen but I’ll find the time.



Today we are heading out to San Antonio to see Garth Brooks. . .again! Sorry Mom!! He puts on such an amazing show and I’m so happy more of our friends will be joining us.

What are your weekend plans? After the concert we are going to be in the Hill Country drinking wine and floating down the river.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


6 thoughts on “Friday Five

      1. Hah, exciting right? Just read my blog post and it has all the information! All you need to do is create a post in response to ‘formally’ accept your Sunshine Blogger Award!


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