The Bachelorette – Episode 8 Recap

Hello all of you wonderful people!

This week I was able to watch the Bachelorette with a few of my girlfriends which just makes the experience so much better. You get to chat about the guys right then and there, you get to eat a yummy dinner and not feel bad for having a glass or 2 of wine on a Monday night.

This week was all about the hometown dates which might be my favorite week.


Before this week Chase flew under the radar but after seeing him with his family and having a heart to heart with his dad, he changed my feelings towards him. Chase’s mom seems so awesome and the kind of mother-in-law we would all love to have. JoJo was able to get a better understanding of why Chase was more reserved with his feelings but at the end of date he told her he was falling in love with her.


Ugh I don’t know why I HATED Robby’s outfit as much as I did. Pale red button down with only the bottom button buttoned. After that I could have cared less about their date. Until JoJo called him out on ex-gf drama. To me, the timeline of events doesn’t add up. You have to register to be on the show at least a year in advance but they dated for 4 years and broke up a few months before he went on the show. Something is not adding up. I don’t know how JoJo can still be falling for him.

Other than that, Robby’s family loved JoJo.


Jordan’s hometown date was pretty boring and it revolved around Aaron Rodgers. We get it, he wasn’t at the hometown date why did it take so long for EVERYONE to get over?? Yes it’s sad that he doesn’t have a relationship with his brother but did it need to be the whole storyline? I don’t think so.

To me, Jordan comes off a player. He seems like the guy who will tell a girl whatever she wants to hear but break her heart later. If JoJo picks Jordan at the end, she showed the world that she is all about lust and not ever lasting love.


I LOVED Luke’s hometown date. Maybe it’s the southern girl in me but I almost packed my bags to check out Burnet, TX because their town square looked adorable. JoJo seemed most comfortable with Luke and their chemistry is apparent. I loved that Luke had a few surprises set up for JoJo which hopefully made her feel really special. He put the most thought into their date. At the end of their date, I got the chills listening to him profess his love for JoJo.


Rose Ceremony

Just before JoJo was about to start handing out roses she was having a conflict of the heart and then she blurted out “I think I have to send Luke home”. I nearly died. My heart stopped.

JoJo walks in and almost immediately Luke asks to talk to her. He drops the bomb that he is in love with her but JoJo should have known because of his actions. Actions will always speak louder than words to me. After Luke tells JoJo, he walks back inside and she has a meltdown.

Then the worst 3 words come across the screen . . .To Be Continued.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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