Free Press Summer Fest – Do’s & Don’ts

Over the weekend we attended Houston’s Free Press Summerfest.  Outside of the rodeo it’s probably the biggest music event the city has.  It’s a great place to discover new artists, hang with friends, and feel really old.  I say that because I’m pretty sure the median age of the average concert goer was 15.  Unfortunately they had to move the show to the NRG parking lot but at least the weather made sure we didn’t fry like bacon.  So with a loaded backpack, comfy clothes, and a high tolerance for foot pain we set out to our 3rd FPSF in a row.

New York Roots to Southern Boots

New York Roots to Southern Boots



Wear lots of sunscreen and reapply. It’s the best way to avoid going into work the next day and hearing “Looks like somebody got some sun this weekend.” or “Woah, you got red.”.
Hydrate! Luckily Free Press has a lot of Hydration Stations through out the park in addition to mist zones and air conditioned buses.
Eat! Free Press brings in the best Food Trucks and a lot of the main restaurants in Houston will serve food as well.  Dance those calories off!
Do stash some TP in your bag because the supply will run out quick when your sharing with thousands of people.
Have a plan in case anyone in your squad gets lost.
Take advantage of the free booze tastings and learn about wine.  Then reeducate yourself the next day!
See as many acts as you can, soak in the sights, and of course people watch your heart out.


Wear Pleather Booty Shorts. Yes I witnessed this on a hot and humid weekend.
Wear a romper because the only “restrooms” at the festival are port-a-potties
Don’t forget hand sanitizer, it’s a hygiene lifesaver
Don’t let your friends get too wasted because they need to remember the great times you are all having
Don’t forget a portable charger so you can keep your social media game strong and be up to date on lineup changes
Don’t evacuate the park when it rains, it’s Houston the weather will change in 15 minutes

Due to a two-night Bachelorette, there will be no Beauty Haul this week. Have no fear, last night’s Bachelorette has graced us with a ton of drama. If you missed last night, you can check out my twitter (@BalsamoHeather).

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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