Beauty Haul – Fiber Masks

Last week I talked about my love for overnight masks and today I’m sharing some of my favorite 15 minute fiber masks.I love to use a 15 minute mask before a date night, girls night out or after I travel. My face tends to get super dry and dull after a 3 hour flight and I love a good pick me up.

My favorite ones have come from Sephora, which is probably no surprise. Sephora is like a grown woman’s candy shop. I want one of everything and I love that I can get free samples. I get so excited that it reminds me of the feeling I got as a little kid when I got the best toy in my happy meal. Ok, back to the masks!

Favorite Brightening Mask

The Sephora Pearl Mask is my favorite before a date night since it helps brighten my skin. The natural origin of the pearl helps to luminate your skin and camoflague any imperfections. I gave these to a few of my girlfriends for Christmas. Plus they are only $6!

Favorite Hydrating Mask

I got this mask in my Birchbox a few months ago but I was happy to find out I can pick it up at Sephora. My skin is SUPER dry so I need as much hydration as possible. The Dr. Jart Water Replenishment mask provides my skin with a ton of hydration. My skin looks dewy afterwards. This one is perfect after traveling.

Favorite Eye Mask

These babies are your best friend after a late night! They help reduce dark circles, tighten your skin and make it look like you got a restful 8+ hours of sleep. I always grab a set with every Sephora visit because a girl should always be prepared.

I’m sorry I missed the Bachelorette Recap this week, I was down for the count yesterday. I’ll have a new recap for you on Tuesday.

I hope you are having a fabulous week and make sure to come back for the Friday Five.

Xo, Heather



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