The Bachelor – Episode 10 Recap

Hey y’all!

This week on The Bachelor it was the “Women Tell All” (WTA) special. It gives the girls who got kicked to the curb an opportunity to defend their actions (I’m looking at you, Leah), gain some closure with Ben, and get a possible invite to the Bachelor in Paradise.

I don’t this week needs a full recap, but I’ll share some of the highlights with you.

She was promoted to Sergeant in the Army Reserves (Congrats!) and was able to gain closure with how things ended with Ben. You can read about that hereBy the way, she looked GORGEOUS!


When the announced her, she got booed. Normally, I would feel bad but she did not handle herself well in the Bahamas. When Chris Harrison asked her about it, she didn’t take an ounce of accountability for her actions and attempted to deflect it onto Ben.


I was expecting her crazy to come out, but after she was left in the Bahamas she took the time to complete a lot of self-reflection. She even apologized to Amanda about the Teen Mom comment.


She owned up to how she acted on the Bachelor and said that she has learned a lot about herself. She also claims she has removed the term “crazy” from her vocabulary. Chris Harrison invited her to Bachelor in Paradise. The most awkward moment of the WTA was when an a guy in the audience joined Lace and Chris Harrison on the stage to show Lace his new tattoo,which was of HER FACE! #awkotaco


All in all, it was a good special but it didn’t bring the drama like it normally does.

I can’t wait to see who gets the final rose.


Xo, Heather


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