The Bachelor – Episode 9 Recap

This week on The Bachelor it was all about Fantasy Suite dates and a few too many “I love you” from Ben to two different women but we will get to that later. If you are new to The Bachelor, a Fantasy Suite date allows Ben to have an overnight date with each girl of course with the girl’s permission to get away from the camera and being mic’d up.


The first date was with Caila and it was AWKOTACO! They took a river raft ride in Jamacia and I’m pretty sure they said 15 words to one another. She was barely smiling and looked super uncomfortable. It was like watching a bad first date.


During lunch, Ben called her out on it. She filled him in that last week was hard and competing for his heart with two other women is getting more difficult. Later on, she told him that she’s in love with him . . . .he says nothing but kissed her. She accepted the key to the Fantasy Suite. Of course, the next morning she woke up looking like a Disney Princess with her perfect hair. All I want to know is, HOW IS HER HAIR THAT PERFECT!?!?!?

The second date was with my girl, Lauren B. Hands down, they had the coolest date of the week; they released baby sea turtles into the ocean. It was absolutely adorable and an experience they will never forget. Lauren’s face was priceless when she was helped the sea turtles get ready for their big adventure.



Then they went to a private reggae concert and had dinner on the beach. Once they were in their Fantasy Suite, Lauren told Ben that she is in love with him and Ben said he’s been in love with her for awhile. Umm. . . .Ben, I’m happy you told Lauren that, but I’m pretty sure you weren’t supposed to. The next morning, Ben showed up with breakfast and more I love yous.

The third date was with JoJo. They took a helicopter ride (duh, its The Bachelor) to a private waterfall. To go with the trend of I love yous this week, JoJo told Ben that she is in love with him as well and she knows he can’t say it back. Well, Ben told her that he loves her too. Once again, Ben you are not supposed to do that. How are you going to pick a girl after you said I love you to both of them in a span of 24ish hours?


This is when shit started to get REALLY awkward. We know that Ben said I love you to Lauren and JoJo, but not Calia so you know she is most likely going home. Well, Calia decided she wanted to surprise Ben because she missed it. When she gets to him, she is super excited and Ben is super uncomfortable. At this point, you can cut the tension with a knife. Ben tells Calia that his relationships with the other women have progressed more than their relationship and he felt it was better to say goodbye now. I feel like anytime a girl ever tries to “surprise” the bachelor, it doesn’t end well. It usually ends with the girl packing her bags.


Obviously, both roses went to JoJo and Lauren.


Next week is Women Tell All which is always so much fun to watch and hear the women chime in on how they were portrayed. I can’t wait to see what Lace and Olivia have to say.

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