The Bachelor – Episode 8 Recap

Hello all of you lovely people,

It was hometown week on the Bachelor, which means we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In case you haven’t been keeping up, there are four girls remaining; Amanda, Cailia, Lauren and JoJo.  Let’s jump into what happened this week.

The first date started with Amanda in Laguna Beach. Amanda is a single mom to two girls; she was really nervous for Ben to meet them since it’s such a big step in any relationship. Ben met Amanda and her daughters at the beach and he handled it really well. He jumped right in with ease.


Once they got to the house Ben met Amanda’s parents who seemed really nice and asked the tough questions, such as “Is Ben ready to be an instant dad?” Yes, there questions were tough, but it put a lot of things into perspective for Ben and Amanda.

Next up, Ben meets Lauren in Portland. She took him on a little tour of Portland and they stopped at what looked like food truck heaven. She ate all of the carbs, and it made me want a grilled cheese but I have a cruise coming up. . .quickly!


After all of the food, she took him to the Whiskey Library which looked AMAZING! If I ever go to Portland, I have to go there because this chick loves whiskey. It looked so cozy with the leather couches, a roaring fireplace and whiskey.


Ben and Lauren head to her house to meet the whole family.  Lauren’s sister Mollie pulled Ben aside to complete a sister interrogation and he got teary eyed talking about Lauren. It was precious, absolutely precious.  Then Lauren told Mollie that Ben is her “person”. I really hope she ends up with the Neil Lane engagement ring at the end.

Ben traveled to Ohio to meet Cailia and her family. Cailia showed Ben her high school, made out on a bench, and then went to the toy factory were her dad is the CEO. They designed and made their future plastic home with a blue roof, I’m not sure if that would be Joanna Gaines approved though.


Ben seemed to win over Cailia’s parents and I thought it was pretty adorable that her dad calls her “darling”. I’m not sure if Cailia is really in love with Ben. It seems like she is trying to hard.

Now, it’s time for the awkotaco moment of the episode. Jojo arrives at her apartment and there is a vase full of red roses waiting for her. Me and the girls were all sorts of confused because Ben didn’t give any of the other girls a gift. Jojo starts to read the letter, and then it all changed. The letter was from her EX-boyfriend! She called her ex to let him know that she is happy and he is late to the party.


Of course, as she’s hanging up the phone Ben walks in. She filled him in on what happened and he handled it well but you could see him tense up. They head to her parent’s house which is HUGE (duh, Dallas!). JoJo’s brothers are not Ben’s #1 fan and are super over protective of their sister, as they should be but it was a little much.



I had to share JoJo’s mom drinking champs straight out of the bottle. #beentheredonethat

Time for the rose ceremony, Lauren, Cailia and JoJo get a rose. Amanda was sent home, but I have to admit she handled it REALLY well and in a very mature fashion. Ben got super emotional about sending Amanda home.

I can’t wait for next week! It seems like it will be even more dramatic than this week.

Tonight starts Houston’s favorite season, RODEO Season! We are heading to the cook-off tonight which is a three night event of BBQ, booze and concerts. If you are here in Houston, you should check it out! Be sure to check out my Instagram (@hmbtx) to follow along!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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