Houston Rodeo Cookoff

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Last weekend kicked off Houston’s favorite season, RODEO SEASON! Around this time last year I started my little ol’ blog to document my Houston life. It feels like time has flown by since I started blogging.

For those of you who don’t live in H-Town, at the end of February the Houston Livestock and Rodeo is kicked off with cook off weekend. Cook off consists of eating a lot of BBQ, drinking some booze, catching up with friends, Texas Country and so much more. This was my third year attending cook off, and  it might have been the best one yet; mainly because I knew what to expect and I didn’t have to ride the light rail at the end of the night.

New York Roots to Southern BootsNew York Roots to Southern BootsNew York Roots to Southern BootsNew York Roots to Southern BootsNew York Roots to Southern Boots

On Tuesday, I’ll attend my first rodeo of 2016 with Rachel. This week I’m seeing The Band Perry, and Chris Young. Next week is Miranda Lambert and Darius Rucker. It’s going to be a busy few weeks!

Do ya’ll want to see more outfit posts/ideas on what to wear to the rodeo? I would love your feedback.

I hope you have a fabulous Monday and make sure to check back on Thursday for my weekly Bachelor Recap!

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The Bachelor – Episode 8 Recap

Hello all of you lovely people,

It was hometown week on the Bachelor, which means we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In case you haven’t been keeping up, there are four girls remaining; Amanda, Cailia, Lauren and JoJo.  Let’s jump into what happened this week.

The first date started with Amanda in Laguna Beach. Amanda is a single mom to two girls; she was really nervous for Ben to meet them since it’s such a big step in any relationship. Ben met Amanda and her daughters at the beach and he handled it really well. He jumped right in with ease.


Once they got to the house Ben met Amanda’s parents who seemed really nice and asked the tough questions, such as “Is Ben ready to be an instant dad?” Yes, there questions were tough, but it put a lot of things into perspective for Ben and Amanda.

Next up, Ben meets Lauren in Portland. She took him on a little tour of Portland and they stopped at what looked like food truck heaven. She ate all of the carbs, and it made me want a grilled cheese but I have a cruise coming up. . .quickly!


After all of the food, she took him to the Whiskey Library which looked AMAZING! If I ever go to Portland, I have to go there because this chick loves whiskey. It looked so cozy with the leather couches, a roaring fireplace and whiskey.


Ben and Lauren head to her house to meet the whole family.  Lauren’s sister Mollie pulled Ben aside to complete a sister interrogation and he got teary eyed talking about Lauren. It was precious, absolutely precious.  Then Lauren told Mollie that Ben is her “person”. I really hope she ends up with the Neil Lane engagement ring at the end.

Ben traveled to Ohio to meet Cailia and her family. Cailia showed Ben her high school, made out on a bench, and then went to the toy factory were her dad is the CEO. They designed and made their future plastic home with a blue roof, I’m not sure if that would be Joanna Gaines approved though.


Ben seemed to win over Cailia’s parents and I thought it was pretty adorable that her dad calls her “darling”. I’m not sure if Cailia is really in love with Ben. It seems like she is trying to hard.

Now, it’s time for the awkotaco moment of the episode. Jojo arrives at her apartment and there is a vase full of red roses waiting for her. Me and the girls were all sorts of confused because Ben didn’t give any of the other girls a gift. Jojo starts to read the letter, and then it all changed. The letter was from her EX-boyfriend! She called her ex to let him know that she is happy and he is late to the party.


Of course, as she’s hanging up the phone Ben walks in. She filled him in on what happened and he handled it well but you could see him tense up. They head to her parent’s house which is HUGE (duh, Dallas!). JoJo’s brothers are not Ben’s #1 fan and are super over protective of their sister, as they should be but it was a little much.



I had to share JoJo’s mom drinking champs straight out of the bottle. #beentheredonethat

Time for the rose ceremony, Lauren, Cailia and JoJo get a rose. Amanda was sent home, but I have to admit she handled it REALLY well and in a very mature fashion. Ben got super emotional about sending Amanda home.

I can’t wait for next week! It seems like it will be even more dramatic than this week.

Tonight starts Houston’s favorite season, RODEO Season! We are heading to the cook-off tonight which is a three night event of BBQ, booze and concerts. If you are here in Houston, you should check it out! Be sure to check out my Instagram (@hmbtx) to follow along!

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The Bachelor – Episode 7 Recap

Hey ya’ll!

This will be a quick recap since I feel nothing MAJOR happened on Monday night. Is it bad that I kind of missed the drama that Olivia brought to the table? Ok, so let’s get to it.

New York Roots to Southern Boots

This week Ben took the girls to his hometown of Warsaw, IN. Warsaw looked so cute and full of small town charm. Ben asked Lauren B. on a 1:1 date, which threw the rest of the girls into a downward spiral of “why hasn’t he asked me out personally”. Ben drove Lauren around his hometown, showing her the church, where he went to high school, where his first kiss was and where he used to work. When Ben was in high school he worked for a youth center (of course because he’s perfect). He took Lauren inside to meet some of his favorite people and play basketball with the kids. It was a really sweet date and it showed Lauren another side of Ben. Later, Ben and Lauren talked about what happened the week before with Leah’s betrayal. I still think Lauren is going to take home the final rose and the ring.

JoJo got the second 1:1 date and she was off to Chicago to meet Ben. She was initially bummed that she didn’t get the hometown tour, but she got to spend the whole day inside Wrigley Field and wear a “Mrs. Higgins” jersey. Other than that, there was nothing special about the date.

Becca, Amanda, and Calia go on the two part group date. The first part was spent rowing on the lake and Ben having some 1:1 time with each of them. He later told them that there is a group date rose and whoever got it would continue on to the second part of the date. Amanda got the group date rose. Amanda and Ben had a super romantic date at McDonald’s. They had breakfast for dinner and helped work the drive thru. I wouldn’t want McDonald’s, I would politely ask if we could go to Taco Cabana or Taco Bueno. #tacosforever.

This is where things got super awkotaco. . . Emily had a 1:1 date with Ben and his parents at their house. You could easily tell how nervous she was because she just kept talking about super random things. She said her life goal is to be a Denver Broncos cheerleader, how she loves to watch movies and the most cringe worthy thing that came out of her mouth was “I  can’t wait to be an above average mom”. To make her statement worse, she said it to Ben’s mom. Later Ben’s mom confessed that she doesn’t think Emily is mature enough to be his wife which put the nail in the coffin. Ben sent Emily back to Vegas after that.

Now, it’s time for the rose ceremony. Amanda already had a rose from the group date, so Calia, Lauren and JoJo got a rose. Becca was sent home and she was less than pleased when she was blind sided by Ben. You can’t blame him because he was unsure about their future and didn’t want to get her family involved if his heart is conflicted.

On a different note, next week is my 1 year blogging anniversary! I can’t believe I have been doing this for almost a year. Be prepared for more things to come, I have a few fun things in the work and will be posting on a more consistent basis.

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The Bachelor – Episode 6 Recap

Happy Friday Eve!

The Bachelor did not disappoint in the drama department this week. Last week it ended without a rose ceremony, so at the beginning of this week they sent Jennifer home. I wasn’t that sad, she didn’t have any 1:1 time with Ben, but I will miss her outfits. I need to remember a hot pink dress with turquoise earrings is a win in my book.

This week, the girls and Ben headed to the Bahamas, which normally has amazing weather. . .except for this week. The weather looked absolutely dreadful, hurricane winds and a ton of rain.

The 1:1 date went to Cailia, which did not please most of the other girls because she already had a 1:1 date with Ben. They at least had good weather while they went deep sea fishing on a private yacht. At dinner, Cailia opened up to Ben that she is falling in love with him but is also scared of breaking his heart. I’m pretty sure that confused Ben and all of America. She later gave a better explanation and Ben gave her a rose.

JoJo, Leah, Becca, Lauren H., Lauren B. and Leah received the group date card which involved swimming with PIGS! Yes, you read that right, they swan with pigs in the Bahamas.



The group date was pretty awkward, all of the girls were pulling away because they kept seeing Ben flock towards the same girls over and over again. Leah spent most of the day complaining/crying to Lauren H. that she nevers gets any 1:1 time, but when she finally does what does she do? Talk about the other girls! I get it, you are competing for Ben’s heart, but is it necessary to bash the other girls to win. I don’t think so. Leah should have spent her time with Ben selling HERSELF to show him the amazing girl she claims to be. After they called the pigs back home, the real drama started.

Ben heard that some of the girls weren’t feeling validated by him, so on the next part of the date he pulled each girl aside to let him know how he’s feeling. Once again, when Leah finally got a second chance at 1:1 time with Ben she spent it talking about Lauren B. and how she acts differently with Ben than she does around the other girls. Well that threw Ben for a loop because he didn’t expect Lauren B. to be like that at all. Lauren B. finally got her time with Ben, and he confronted her about Leah’s false accusations.

After the confrontation, Lauren B. is clearly upset and asks Leah if she said anything to Ben. Leah plays dumb. At this point, I’m over Leah and ready for her to pack her bags.

Now what felt like the longest group date, ends with Amanda getting a rose.

Just when I think Leah couldn’t bash Lauren B. anymore, she sneaks out of her hotel room to talk to Ben some more about Lauren B. FINALLY, Ben realizes that all Leah has done is talk about the other girls, so he sends her packing before the rose ceremony.

Finally, it’s time for the dreaded 2:1 date. In case you don’t know, whoever does not receive a rose on the date is eliminated right then and there. As you can see below, they had some amazing weather for a speed boat ride.


Once they arrive on yet another private island, Ben pulls Olivia aside to get to know her a little bit better, especially after last week when the girls told him what’s up with Olivia. Olivia tells Ben that she doesn’t get along with the other girls because she is an introvert and loves anything intellectual. Then she drops the “I’m in love with you” bomb and Ben sits there probably thinking what have I done.

Emily then gets her time with Ben, but nothing really great happens until they get back to Olivia. Ben picks up the rose and asks Olivia if they can talk. She walks off with her confidence at an all time high thinking Ben is going to give her the rose. Ben tells her that he can’t reciprocate the feelings that Olivia has for him and he sends her home!


Emily gets the rose and the date is over.

Ben decides to not have the cocktail party and goes right to the rose ceremony which freaks all of the girls out because they each want more 1:1 time with Ben since the group date was so awkward. Becca, JoJo and Lauren B. all receive a rose and Lauren H. was eliminated.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the season.

Who do you think is going to be the last girl standing? I still think it’s going to be Lauren B.

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Xo, Heather

The Bachelor – Episode 5 Recap

Happy Wednesday! I decided to change things up this week and write this post in a retro diary format. Let me know what you think by commenting at the end. I would love to see your feedback.

7:02 Before the show starts the ABC news report about the caucaus. I would love to hear the views of the bachelor ladies. I bet Jubilee votes.

7:08 They are in Mexico City this week. Ben thinks it’s a really good place to fall in love, I think it’s a good place to have one of your suitors get kidnapped. Would Denzel try to save Olivia?

7:09 Amanda with kids just got a one on one date.

7:14 Ben wakes the girls up on national television with no makeup. Shout out to people who wear retainers while Amanda wakes up looking like a Disney princess.

New York Roots to Southern Boots

7:17 The two lovers take a heavy armored tank to a remote area of Mexico. Instead of something cool like a drug plantation they take a hot air balloon to picnic. Hard to get kidnapped in a balloon, smart.

7:25 The girls are back at the hotel drinking because they can’t do normal 20 year old things like iphone games, Instagram, snapchat, and watch those fast motion videos of food you’ll never cook. But looks like there is a group date in their future.

7:28 Amanda telling the “this is why I’m single with two kids story”. I’d like her better if she talked more mature, like if she like didn’t say like and the like.

7:30 Ben would make a good politician, doesn’t drop the ball especially when dealing with the delicate psyches on this show. Amanda gets a rose and will caucus for Ben in the 2032 election.

7:37 Ben kept the twin with the thumb cast. The other twin is probably back home organizing her stuffed animals on her bed with her two working hands so she has that going for her.

7:39 They are learning Spanish. It turns out the exact opposite of Stand and Deliver.

7:41 Group date wanders aimlessly the streets of Mexico City until they learn to follow the cameras to the Mexican restaurant that needed the exposure. They will be cooking.

7:49 Ben and Olivia ate a cricket and did a shot of mescal. I’d choose the cricket and I’m a super picky eater.

7:52 The co-owner of the restaurant said “grandma said when you know how to cook, it’s time to get married”. Jubilee’s team wins and the chefs say “we should serve this” while the chef compared Ben and Olivia’s dish to dog food.

8:03 Ben takes time one on one making out with the contestants so he’s not a bad kisser by the time he’s surrounded in models in LA. This seems to be Ben’s vetting out process.

8:04 Jubilee dismisses away Ben’s request to hold her hand as if he went to the bathroom and didn’t wash his hands after.

8:05 The rest of the girls are left in disbelief about how Jubilee treats Ben.

8:13 Jubilee is gone, sent home.

8:20 Olivia got a rose, other girls are not happy. Wish Jubilee was around to throw down.

8:27 Ben and Lauren H. are invited to a fashion show. The producers arrange for them to model. Lauren has been hanging around women with model looks and Ben is dating a lot of women with model looks so of course they knock it out of the park.

8:33 Lauren H could teach my kids. She probably taught Emily like 5 years ago.

8:35 Lauren H opens up to Ben about her past relationships, and then accepts a rose.

8:48 Basically everybody begging for a rose/attention

8:49 Olivia makes a tacky comment about Amanda’s life is like an episode of Teen Mom. I’m pretty sure the Teen Mom cast is no longer team Olivia. . . .if they ever were.

8:50 Olivia attempts to redact her statement with an apology and “tears”.

8:51 Emily spills the beans about Olivia basically saying “dude your choosing crazy and your going to lose the rest of us if you don’t change your mind”

9:00 Ben pulls Olivia aside after hearing a few girls air their grievances about her, and it ends without a rose ceremony. I don’t think I heard Chris Harrison say, “Stay tuned for the most dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history” which now makes total sense.

What will happen next week? Will Ben take the rose back from Olivia? Can he do that? So many questions left unanswered and now I’m ready for it to be Monday night.

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Xo, Heather