Texas Tech vs. Baylor

Happy Friday!!

Three blog posts, three days in a row might be a new record for me. Woohoo!!

Two weekends ago, we drove up to Dallas to see Texas Tech play against Baylor at AT&T Stadium, aka Jerry’s World. We were so fortunate to have such beautiful weather while we enjoyed a fun tailgate. The only downside, was a rough Texas Tech loss.

Texas Tech
This guy is my favorite Red Raider.
Texas Tech After a long day tailgating and watching the game, we were all super hangry. Instead of waiting in a ridiculously long line at Pappasito’s (Tex-Mex fixes EVERYTHING) we placed a to-go order and ate on our hotel room floor. We are just keeping it classy.  Texas Tech
This weekend will be like any other weekend in the south, we will spend most of Saturday cheering for Texas Tech vs. Kansas and LSU vs. Florida. On Sunday, we will work on our never ending house to home to-do list.


What are some of your weekend plans?

Have a wonderful weekend! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Heather


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