Monday Must Haves – Wedding Guest Edition

My original plan for this post was going to be “Monday Must Have – Lilly Pulitzer for Target Edition”; but the WHOLE line sold out in a matter of minutes. Here is a recap of #PinkSunday, click here. Rachel and I drowned our sorrows at brunch, I’m pretty sure a Bloody Mary and a fried oyster omelet can cure most anything.

Since we are heading to our friend’s wedding this weekend, I thought a wedding guest edition seemed appropriate.

If the wedding is in the spring or summer, opt for a dress that is coral, floral, or anywhere in the blue family. I still love this dress, that I recently talked about. This cobalt colored beauty (it’s under $120) would be perfect, all you have to do is add a statement necklace and some strappy heels and you are set for the night. This floral printed dress is similar to the one I already own, I love the cut of the dress and how appropriately southern it looks.


Don’t wear white, cream, beige, blush or a really pale pink, let the bride have her time to shine!

A few more tips I have learned along the way are:

Do: Bring flip flops to dance in.
Don't: Cry about how badly your feet hurt in 4 inch heels.
Do: Keep your make up simple, and pretty. Remember, less is more.
Don't: Try to recreate an impossible smokey eyed look you saw on Pinterest,
which claims to have a low difficulty level.
Do: Keep your accessories simple, a few bangles, a statement necklace,
or statement earrings.
Don't: Wear statement earrings and a statement necklace at the same time,
you don't want your jewelry to fight against each other.
Do: Plan your spray tan accordingly and shower the residue off.
Don't: Let your spray tan make you look like a zebra on the dance floor.
Do: HAVE FUN! Enjoy your time celebrating the couple that is near and dear to 
you! Dance the night away, eat lots of cake, and have a few cocktails.
Don't: Be the wasted friend who doesn't remember the wedding.
Do: Try to save a trinket or a memento from the wedding so you can always 
remember the good time you had.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Heather


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