Beauty Haul -Lush Cosmetics

It’s Beauty Haul Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited to share my new favorite all natural face mask by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Lush is all about making obtainable beauty without sacrificing the well being of others or our environment. They stand behind all natural products without parabens or animal testing at an affordable price. As I’ve mentioned before, my skin is fairly sensitive and every product I’ve ever used from Lush has not caused any flare ups; it actually makes my skin look and feel better.

A few weeks ago I stopped by my local Lush to check out a new face mask and hair mask. With my wedding coming up I want to look like my best self and with that comes masks of different kinds. The people that work at Lush are true experts in their field, they answered my questions, provided suggestions and listened to my skincare/hair concerns.

Mask of Magnaminty
(Face Mask)

Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty

I’ve talked about my love for face masks here and here but this one is hands down the best and most effective. The Mask of Magnaminty is more of a traditional mask that you wash off. Here are a few reasons why I love it:

It’s deep cleansing
It’s pulls everything out of your pores
It helps reduce pores (which is what EVERY bride to be wants)
It exfoliates and soothes the skin at the same time
It smells so good

When I use the face mask, I like to scrub my face first with Lush’s Ocean Salt which is a face and body scrub. Thank you for the tip Lush!

Ocean Salt

They said I can use this combo up to 3x a week but I’ve been using it once a week and have noticed a small difference. As I get closer to the wedding I’ll start using it more frequently.

Next Wednesday I’m going to share my thought about the hair mask with you. If you have a Lush location near you, I highly recommend it!

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Xo, Heather

Not Sponsored, just love and believe in the products. 

21 Day Fix – Week 3 Recap

#MotivationMonday // Good things come to those who sweat:
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Happy Monday! Why do the weekends go by so quickly?? Brandon and I were in Scottsdale, AZ over the weekend to cheer on the Texas Tech Red Raiders and enjoy a weekend away.I’ll have a recap for you next Monday so be on the look out.

The beginning of the week was ok, I enjoyed a few salads, simple meals at home, greek yogurt and green juice. The rest of the week went downhill when we were in Arizona with donuts, In-and-Out Burger, Italian food and too many french fries. Thank goodness we were super active over the weekend with walking over 15 miles so I didn’t feel too guilty as I indulged.

I’m going to start Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix  today since this will be the longest stretch of time without any traveling. Let’s hope Round 2 is better!

Overall Pounds Lost

1 pound per week

21 Day Fix
Tone It Up

What are some of your favorite go to workouts?? Tonight I’m going to run/walk 2 miles and complete Tone It Up Bikini arms. If you haven’t tried their bikini arms, you need to it is a killer but so effective.

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Xo, Heather

Beauty Haul – Fall Blush

Happy Wednesday y’all! Today I’m back to share some new Fall blushes that I picked up over the weekend. Now that it’s September and we are past Labor Day I’m begging for Fall to make it’s grand appearance but unfortunately for Texas, Fall might show up for Thanksgiving. I love to dress for the season but I have to keep the high Texas temperatures in mind so the best way I can dress for fall is with my face.

Throughout Spring and Summer, I wear Bobbi Brown’s blush in pale pink. It always looks fresh and offers the right pop of color but in the Fall I want to go a little darker and more in the earth tone family. On Sunday, I stopped by Ulta because I had a $3.50 off coupon and Stacey said they were having a good sale. I didn’t know how good the sale was until I got there. They were offering buy 2 get 2 free on Ulta brand products! Anything from beauty to brushes was included so I knew it was time to pick up a few extra things.  I picked up the Ulta Velvet Blush in Bella and Majestic.


Bella is a bright rosy matte which stays true to Fall but it more neutral and everyday. It is really pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. Since this blush is very neutral, you can pair it with either a smokey eye or a bold lip but never both at the same time.


Majestic was out of my comfort zone at first since it looks SO dark and I’m so used to pink blush but once I tried it I fell in love. It’s a little bit on the dramatic side and since it’s really pigmented a tiny bit goes a long way. It really warmed up my face. I wouldn’t recommend a really heavy smoke eye or a dark lip with this blush, I would keep it very simple.

What are some of your favorite Fall beauty items? I have a few more to share with you next week so be on the look out.

Have a fabulous day!

Xo, Heather

NY Roots Travel: Louisiana


Happy Tuesday! There won’t be a 21 Day Fix recap this week but there will be one on Monday! Last week’s traveling to Louisiana made following the 21 Day Fix program a lot harder. However, I did try to get in as many greens as possible while staying away from extra carbs. . . minus the egg white mcmuffin I got from McDonald’s which I will NEVER get again.

Last week I had the opportunity with my company to travel to Louisiana to help those affected by the recent flooding. As a group we worked so hard to help others, it was such a rewarding, humbling and amazing experience that I hope I can do again soon. As I was filling totes with cleaning supplies in a hot warehouse on an even hotter day I kept thinking I can’t wait to take a shower and relax but I quickly reminded myself that there are others who are unable to have that luxury right now so I kept on working. One of the best parts of my experience was meeting some New York firefighters who are part of a disaster relief program. It felt like I had a little bit of home with me all the way in Louisiana.

We were so fortunate to stay at the Houmas House (also known as Burnside Plantation) in Darrow, LA which is south of Baton Rouge. The Houmas House used to be a sugar cane plantation in 1803 but now you can stay in the cottages on the property and go on a tour of grounds and main house. We weren’t able to go on a tour but on our way to dinner we were able to walk around. The property is BEAUTIFUL! It is so lush with all of the greenery. I could have spent hours just walking around but we had a dinner reservation to get to.


Now I just need to convince Brandon to take me back here so we can do the tour and take in more of this beautiful scenery!

Louisiana still needs our help, you can donate goods through Amazon which will ship directly to the warehouse where I volunteered or you can donate through the Red Cross website.

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Xo, Heather

21 Day Fix – Week 1 Recap

Well it’s Monday again and I’m happy to report I survived the first week of 21 Day Fix. When I tried it before, I didn’t give it all of my effort because I was afraid it would be too hard, I wouldn’t be able to find anything to eat, and I would have to constantly cook (which isn’t so bad unless your dishwasher decides to go on the fritz the day before you meal prep). To be honest, I used way too many excuses on why I didn’t try it in the past because after this week I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner.

Yes, there is some planning that has to be done. Yes, it might be a little bit more expensive that your normal grocery shopping. Yes, there is cooking involved but I was able to get by with minimal cooking thanks to my good friend Trader Joe’s. I love Trader Joe’s for the sense that I can buy healthy products without breaking the bank (I’m looking at you Whole Foods). I was able to stock up on already made caesar salads, spicy california rolls, non-fat greek yogurt, freeze dried blueberries and already cooked chicken to make my meals 100 times easier. I was able to pack up my breakfast, two snacks and a lunch the night before so all I had to do was grab my lunch back and head to work. Brandon and I went to dinner on Wednesday night for Houston Restaurant Week, but since I knew I would want pasta I saved my carbs for dinner.

Here are a few things I ate this week

Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet

This was by far the best meal I cooked all week. My fiancee asked when I was going to make it again as he went for his second helping. The only modifications I made was I used spicy mustard instead of dijion and added some red pepper flakes.

Workouts for the Week
Total Body Cardio (21 Day Fix Plan)
TRX – Holy Soreness
Arms workout at home
Spin – In hopes of sweating out wine and sushi

The weekend kind of threw my 21 Day Fix plan for a loop with a sushi dinner, popcorn at the movies and not getting enough greens in. I didn’t beat myself up about it,  I chose to move on and make better decisions for the upcoming week. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or tweet me @BalsamoHeather. I would love to hear from you.

Pounds Lost

I’m heading to Louisiana tomorrow with my company to volunteer with the Red Cross to help those affected by the recent flooding. I’m really looking forward to helping those in need.

There won’t be a Beauty Haul this week, but I’m going to participate in a fun month end linkup called “What’s Up Wednesday!?!” so be sure to check back.

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Xo, Heather